Summertime and the Musin’ is Easy

In the garden, creating, to-doing, because one can never have too many fanciful preoccupations.

These are a couple of dishes I prepared this weekend, a perfect mix of Belarusian and Italian. Salted trout on buttered baguette, a slavic dish which I absolutely love, very popular here in Belarus, and homemade bruschetta, made with fresh grape tomatoes and basil.  

I actually tend to be the least creative in the summer, but it’s growing on me.  Jotting down ideas as a point of reference is helpful, otherwise I drift away, especially when I visit Pinterest. 

Taking notes as I style my skinny potting bench.

  • Traditional terracota clay pots are by far my favorite, bringing those back
  • Warm up and soften that stark rough textured wall
  • Fresh and refresh with lots of greenery

Have your fruit and veggies,
but please don’t eat the daisies.