Starry Little Matron, A Garden Tea, Conversation

It’s lily season, and the stargazing has begun.  For me, it never really ends; head in the clouds I’ve been told my whole life.  As an only child, it’s easy to appreciate this wonderful gift, and I am more grateful for it every day. 

When the pandemic hit, I watched as so many loved ones quickly wearied of spending time by themselves.  I told them to remember that we’re never alone, to enjoy the stillness.

There’s so much that we’re only able to see when we still ourselves.

Like intricacies, a peek at a heart, just a peek because who has ever known one except our Creator, glimpses into nature and light, stars that aren’t always up above but right by our side.

I am grateful.

Oh my, tea conversation can get carried away at times.

Little matron, the literal translation of Matryoshka. I’ve always loved them. I purchased these directly from a lovely lady who kept them for years. If you ever visit Belarus, you quickly learn that not every Matryoshka is created equal. There are those that are mass-produced as souvenirs, and there are those that are handmade and hand-painted. The daisies and the deep sky blue on these called out to me.

Thank you for joining me for a sip of bright beautiful. Don’t forget to take a star with you.