In a Garden, Seated, Pressing

Peace. I am wrapped in it. Comforted. Seated in heavenly places. From this place of calm, my heart’s sanctuary, I share with you a brighter view. Welcome to the teeny garden, маленький стул (malen’kiy stul), little chair. A vintage bentwood find, Czechoslovakian made, I left it just as I found it, with its endearing winkContinue reading “In a Garden, Seated, Pressing”

The Summer of 1970, a Cuban Journey

My daughter asked me to share a peek back in time to the day I came to America. She’s a clever one to attempt to distract me this way right now, I’ll have her know. It was the summer of 1970. I was only six years old, but there are memories etched in our heartContinue reading “The Summer of 1970, a Cuban Journey”

Starry Little Matron, A Garden Tea, Conversation

  It’s lily season, and the stargazing has begun.  For me, it never really ends; head in the clouds I’ve been told my whole life.  As an only child, it’s easy to appreciate this wonderful gift, and I am more grateful for it every day.  When the pandemic hit, I watched as so many lovedContinue reading “Starry Little Matron, A Garden Tea, Conversation”

Creativity, Graciousness and A Cool Drink

Ins, outs, ups, downs, lefts, rights, roundabout. Throughout all my years of blogging, my constants, a love for creativity and wonder. Wonder, such as the love letter these roses penned for me, which I did not notice until I got home and opened my photos. Wonder keeps me. The joy of sharing my joy, it’sContinue reading “Creativity, Graciousness and A Cool Drink”

Summertime and the Musin’ is Easy

In the garden, creating, to-doing, because one can never have too many fanciful preoccupations. These are a couple of dishes I prepared this weekend, a perfect mix of Belarusian and Italian. Salted trout on buttered baguette, a slavic dish which I absolutely love, very popular here in Belarus, and homemade bruschetta, made with fresh grapeContinue reading “Summertime and the Musin’ is Easy”

What Would They Say, Mom, Dad, Love

July is here, and I find myself doing what I’ve done every year since I can remember, preparing to celebrate my parents’ birthday.  Road trips, beach picnics, family gatherings, it’s all still very vivid in my heart. Dad is no longer with us physically, but in spirit he’s always near. Mom, truer to herself thanContinue reading “What Would They Say, Mom, Dad, Love”